miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2015


"The grand Budapest hotel" is a film I watched in the cinema last year, a very funny comedy of adventures directed by Wes Anderson and starring Ralph Fiennes, Edward Norton, F. Murray Abraham, Harvey Keytel, etc.

The film is set in an imaginary European region located in a zone between wars in the 30's. Gustave H., a legendary caretaker of a famous European hotel, meets Zero Mustapha, a young worker who will be protected by him. The story is about the theft and recovery of a priceless Renaissance painting and the battle between two families for getting a great fortune.

This movie is a real independent film, its director made it without any influence. The work of the actors is amazing, above all Ralph Fiennes. I especially liked the vintage used by the director because it makes the film more special and curious. There are lots of gags that keep you laughing all film long. Music by Alexandre Desplant is excellent to immers you in Anderson’s World, in fact Desplant won an Oscar for Best Original Score in the last ceremony.

Definitely this film is one of best comedies  produced in the last years and probably  of all times. I highly recommend it. Maybe some people won't enjoy with it like I did, but I think it 's worth it. Open your mind and get carried away.

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  1. Beautiful, nostalgic, funny and sad story. Visually excellent and perfectly directed.
    A masterpiece!

  2. Me gustó desde el primer fotograma, la estética es genial y el ritmo de la historia perfecto... Una gran peli